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About Me
I am a gamer who is over 40 years old with two decades of experience in being an Admin, Moderator Server owner and Community founder.
I have been RPing for over two decades starting with text based games and then moving more and more into games like Arma, GTAV, ARK, DayZ , Life is Feudal and so on.
By no means am I good at any game. I play for enjoyment and like interactions and RP.
I can be firm in my decisions but I feel I will always be fair and unbiased. I am known for detaching myself from events and looking at the situation in front of me.
I am a firm believer in always looking at what is best for the server and the community. And that first and foremost I and other staff members are gamers and community members. But we are also guardians to ensure that your gaming experience is a good one.
I am a Family man RL and do my thing there that is not of interest to many. Or it should not be

Gaming Motto - Play hard but play fair

Mod - mackenzieexD

About Me